I am a freelance iOS and macOS developer in London. Currently available for new contracts.

I write modern, maintainable code in Swift Of course, I can hurt myself in other languages, but this is what I use professionally using SwiftUI, UIKit, AppKit and a whole lotta love.

I’ve given talks across the UK and internationally (1)Excuse the humblebrag and you can see a list of some of them here

I organise the monthly NSCoder Night London meetup where iOS and macOS developers meet to chat and share knowledge and experience. This went into hiatus during the Pandemic, but we managed to keep it going by having remote meetings.

You can see my older posts at my previous site abizern.org, but I’m going to keep this one just for development related topics.

Contact #

Feel Looks odd, but this way I know the contact is coming from this site free to contact me at tails-rollout0s@icloud.com.

I can be found on various places online with the username of abizern. I’m not on Facebook, though.

GPG Key #

Key ID: 7E2C07666BEEED1C

Key Signature: CF1C 8FE5 A508 0E70 4BCB 97DE 7E2C 0766 6BEE ED1C

Key: Available on a keyserver near you, or you can download it.

Colophon #

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